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Troubleshooting cPanel Login Issues

 want to reset my cPanel password

To reset your password, please see our tutorial on resetting your cPanel password using AMP.

I am not prompted to login with a Username and Password when attempting to login

If you are not prompted for a username / password when visiting yourdomain.com/cpanel, your domain name may have been just registered and not working yet due topropagation, your domain may not be pointing to our servers, or you're using an internet connection in which the cPanel ports (2082 / 2083) are blocked. Usually trying one of the following will resolve these issues:

  1. Use cpanel.your-domain.com instead of your-domain.com/cpanel.

    (This uses the cPanel proxy, which accesses cPanel over the standard port 80 vs. 2082 / 2083)

  2. Use your temporary cPanel URL, such as biz###.cyberplexafrica.com/cpanel.

I am entering a username and password, but they are not being accepted

If your username and password are not being accepted when logging into cPanel, it could be either of these issues:

  • Make sure you are using the correct cPanel URL.
    (Refer to the directions above under 'I am not prompted for a username and password')
  • Make sure your username is entered all lower case, and your password is case-sensitive.
    (For example, password is different from PassWord)
  • You are using the incorrect password. Don't worry, this is very common.
    (If you forgot your cPanel password, you can reset your cPanel password via AMP).

I do not have a hosting account, I have a domain only account

If you have a domain name only account, you do not have a cPanel to login to. If you would like, you can upgrade your account to include hosting.

Web Hosting

If you are unsure about what cPanel is and how it makes hosting easier for you, read our article about cPanel web hosting to see the popular features.

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